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LTD Eclipse EC-1007 EverTune - Black

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Brand: ESP LTD


The ESP EC-1007 EverTune is a high-performance extended-range guitar. Its maple-capped mahogany body delivers resonance, bite, and sustain, while its Thin U mahogany neck and Macassar ebony fingerboard provide fluid playability. Dual active EMG humbuckers provide amp-punishing output that retains note definition, even in high-gain situations. Enjoy unbelievable intonation, thanks to this guitar's EverTune bridge. Set-neck construction gives you long-lasting sustain and excellent articulation. Complete with attractive black hardware, the EC-1007 EverTune's muscular tone and aggressive style is sure to put a smile on your face.

The EverTune bridge on the EC-1007 EverTune is an all-mechanical system that helps you stay in tune longer under any playing situation. Small springs keep constant tension on your strings, giving you long-lasting tuning stability and incredibly accurate intonation, too. You can even adjust it to control how much your pitch changes when you bend a string. Even if you're playing a long gig or recording session, your tuning will be more stable regardless of your playing style, temperature, or other variables.

Nothing screams hard rock like ESP's timeless Eclipse body style. The extra mass of this single-cutaway design gives the EC-1007 EverTune truly epic sustain, whereas its slightly arched top provides you with comfortable hand positioning, no matter your picking style. Add to that a super-sharp cutaway, which gives you open access to the EC-1007 EverTune's upper frets, and you're totally ready to shred.

Hard rockers and aggressive players have turned to EMG active pickups for years, for their amazing tone, exceptional dynamic response, and reliable performance. You get EMG 60-7H and EMG 81-7H humbucking pickups in the EC-1007 EverTune, ready to sound as clean or as mean as your style calls for. 

  • Classic-looking 7-string guitar with exceptional sustain and aggressive tone
  • Maple-capped mahogany body provides resonance, bite, and sustain
  • Thin U mahogany neck with smooth-playing Macassar ebony fingerboard
  • Dual EMG pickups give you aggressive tone, hot output, and excellent note definition
  • EverTune bridge gives you dependable tuning stability and intonation
  • Set-neck construction gives you long-lasting sustain and excellent articulation
  • Attractive black hardware


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